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Issue 1, Volume 1, 2013

1. Classification of Bunnei  Barbus sharpeyi (Gunther, 1874) and Gattan Barbus xanthopterus (Heckel, 1843) Iraqi fishes by using proteins electrophoretic pattern. Faris A. Al-Obaidi : 1-5.

2. Role of hemodialysis and hepatitis C virus infection in circulating Th1  and Th2 cytokines in patients with chronic renal disease. Arwa M. Abdullah, Abdul-Razaq Hardan, Ismail I. Latif and Laith J. Abd-Al-Hassani : 6-11.

3. Study of sexual dimorphism in Iraqi freshwater fish Barbus luteus. Asmaa  S. Ibrahim, Taha Y. Al-Dori and Nada A. Al-Ansari : 12-19.

4. Microbial and chemical quality of bottled drinking water in Baghdad. Fatima F. Juma : 20-23.

5. Sedimentological study of Tanuma formation east of Baghdad. Sadi K. Jan : 24-27.

6. Effects of Kids birth characteristics on the weight growth under pastoral husbandry. Sghaier Najari and Amor Gaddour : 28-32.

7. Grain size, sorting and matrix as indicators of energy of depositional environment of Tanuma formation east of Baghdad. Sadi K. Jan : 33-35.

8. Distribution of liver and lung helminthic infections among slaughtered animals in Kirkuk abattoir. Lamea M. Ahmed and Susan A. Rasheed : 36-40.

9. Effect of ecological factors on the distribution of earthworms in Baghdad. Nebrass F. Al-Khafagi, Haifaa J. Jaweir and Emadaldin AL-Mukhtar : 41-46.

10. Estimation parameters of the kid's growth curve in Tunisia goat by using Gompertz model. Amor Gaddour and Sghaier Najari :47-49.

11. Some immunological effects of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) calyces in albino mice. Zahraa H.M. Kadri, Ali H. Ad'hiah, Esmaiel K. Shubber : 50-55.

12. The efficancy of  antibiotics reduction activity against  chronic kidney diseases caused bacteria. Eman A. Muhsin : 56-62.


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