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Issue 2, Volume 1, 2013

1. Waste to wealth: Tigernut discards as an underutilized feed resources. Agbabiaka, L.A., Oguntokun, M.O. and Ekeocha C.A. : 63-65.

2. Effect of different level of  Zingiber officinale and Salvia officinalis on semen diluents for Awassi ram. Hayder M.H. Al-Malaly, Amal F. Al-Abedy and Fakher M. Al-Zubaidy: 66-70.

3. Distribution phenotypic of the dairy production of goat in Tunisia. Amor Gaddour and Sghaier Najari: 71-73.

4. The study of food preference of Callosobruchus maculatus to five types of fabaceae. Aliaa A. Hameed and May I. Younis: 74-78.

5. Sedimentiogical study for subsurface section of Abu Khasib. Sadi K. Jan: 79-83.

6. Reviewing the potentials of some unorthodox energy feedstuffs: A panacea to sustainable animal agriculture in Nigeria. Agbabiaka, L.A: 84-88.

7. Effect of local probiotic on common carp Cyprinus carpio growth performance and survival rate. Jamal K.H. Al-Faragi and Sundus A.A. Al-Saphar: 89-96.

8. Identification of some inorganic elements in tissues of some wild birds in Iraq. Faris A. Al-Obaidi, Basim I. Mehdi and Shahrazad M. Al- Shadeedi: 97-102.

9. Grain size, sorting and matrix as indicators of energy of depositional environment of Abu-Khasib formation east of Baghdad. Sadi K. Jan: 103-105.

10. Bioremediation of the water contaminated by waste of hydrocarbon by use Ceratophyllaceae and Potamogetonaceae plants. Ali  H. Alwan, Suhair M. Fadil, Saad H khadair, Amal A. Haloub, Duha B.  Mohammed, Mohammed F. Salah, Shahad S. Sabbar, Nibal K. Mousa and Zyad  A. Salah: 106-110.

11. Water Pollution in Iraq Between disastrous border and no real solutions. A study. Fatima Z. Al-Hamdani: 111-118.

12. Repellent effect of aqueous, alcoholic and oil extracts of cumin seeds Cuminum cyminum on the female mosquito Culex pipiens molestus (Diptera: culicidae). Omar H. Shihab, Nagam Kh. Mahdi, Nbaa M. Abdil Al-Alh: 119-123.


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