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Issue 3, Volume 1, 2013

1. The role of Musca domestica in transmission of Toxoplasma in Baghdad. Afkar M. Hadi: 124-127.

2. Studying the optimum conditions for cellulase production from wheat straw and papyrus straw using Trichoderma viride. Alaa K. Mohammed: 128-134.

3. The correlations of some hematological factors in pediatrics chronic renal diseases. Eman A. Muhsin and Nibal Kh. Mousa: 135-139.

4. Ecological characteristics of dayas and their impact on edaphic wildlife in Algeria. Djelloul Ghezali, Hafsa Harkat, Karim Soutou and Hassiba Ghezal: 140-152.

5. White mushroom Agaricus bisporus extract inhibits oxidative DNA damage in human lymphocytes as assessed by comet assay. Mohammad A. Al-A'adhmi, Baraa Q. Al-Awadi and Ali A. Abdul Abass: 153-157.

6. Root disease management in organic agriculture. Rayees A. Ahanger, Hilal A. Bhat, Sajad A. Ganieand and Abid  H. Shah: 158-169.

7. Yield potential study of three genotypes (RABI-3, JP- 3 and Camarosa) of strawberry (fragaria X ananassa Duch.) in Bangladesh. Tanziman Ara,  Rezaul Karim, Rafiul Islam and Monzur Hossain: 170- 176.

8. Status of parthenium weed Parthenium hysterophorus L. and its control options in Ethiopia. Zelalem Bekeko: 177-184.

9. Epidemiology and molecular characterization of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for resistance to common rust (Puccinia sorghi) and gray leaf spot (Cercospora zeae maydis) diseases of maize in Ethiopia. Zelalem Bekeko: 185-196.

10. Relation of Malassezia species with atopic dermatitis patients in Baghdad. Azhar A.F. Al-Attraqhchi, Abbas M.M. Al-Ammari and Mona Al-Jibouri: 197-203.

11.  The occurrence of urinary tract infection caused bacteria in human and  animals in Baghdad city and it's susceptibility to antibiotics. Hassan A. Abdul-Ratha and Aseel J. Mohammad: 204-208.

12. Effect of mycorrhizal fungi inoculation and seaweed extract spray on some growth characters and yield of cucumber Cucumis sativus L. Faris M. Suhail: 209-214.

13. Role of biotechnology in plant diseases management: An overview. Md.  Shamim, Pramila Pandey, Ashutosh Singh, Prashant Yadav, Prolay Kumar  Bhowmick Deepti Srivastava, Deepak Kumar, N.A. Khan, D.K. Dwivedi and  K.N. Singh: 215-221.

14. Chemical composition and nutritional value of jatropha Jatropha curcas L. leaves. Agnieszka Najda, Ali F. Almehemdi and Ahmed F. Zabar: 222-227.

15. Estimation of immunoglobulins levels in the sera of patients infected with liver hydatid cysts. Ahlam J. Taher,  Nahla G. Abdul-Majed and Ihsan M. Al-Saqur: 228-232.

16. Effect of some agricultural treatments on fruits storage quality of two tomato hybrids cultivated in gypsum soil. Ghalib N. Al-Shemmar, Harith B. Abdurrahman and Ghassan J. Zedan: 233-246.

17. Rapid in vitro clonal propagation of two hybrid muskmelon cultivars and their field evaluation in agro climatic condition of Bangladesh. Laila AI Faria, Tanziman Ara, Rezaul Karim, Rafiul Islam and Monzur Hossain: 247-253.

18. Detection of Candida spp. responsible for vulvovaginitis in women with contraceptives. Azhar A.F. Al-Attraqhchi, Najwan Abbas and Muna Al-Jeboori: 254-261.

19. Performance assessment of wheat cultivars under three locations using GGE-biplot. Mohammad O. Al-Ubaidi, Abdullateef M. Al-kaisy, Mohammed H. Al-issawi, Faiz Fadhel and Mick Fuller: 262-270.

20. Prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 2 and determination the most effective and successively medications in Irbil. Lamea M. Ahmed and Basema S. Ahmed: 271-275.

21. The potential for irrigating jatropha with industrial drainage water under mineral fertilization. El-Ashry S.M., Hussein M.M. and Nesreen H. Abou-Baker: 276-284.

22. Investigation of toxic algae populations (cyanobacteria and diatoms) in some selected drinking water plants in Baghdad. Ahmed A. Al-Hussieny, Ahmed I. Jessim and Haider Y. Lafta: 285-295.


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