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Issue 1, Volume 2, 2014


1 - Profile of HLA-class I alleles, autoantibodies and C-peptide in type 1 diabetes mellitus patients and their sibs. Ali H. Ad'hiah, Israa A.H. Al-Rubaye and Raghad G. Al-Suhail: 1-9.

2 - Effect of magnetized irrigation water and bio‐fertilizer spraying on growth and yields of maize ( Zea mays L.). Mohammed A.A. Al‐Janaby: 10‐15.

3 - Selection a new apricot cultivars by planting seeds. Hussein A. Al‐Zubaai and Jumah S. Shalash: 16‐21.

4 - Liver histopathological of purification cinnamic acid activity against endoxan in mice. Nibal K. Mousa, Eman A. Muhsin, Shahad S. Sabbar and Ishrak A. Ahmed: 22‐29.

5 - Mutational changes in two randomly selected regions (exon 3 and exon 7) of estrogen receptor‐beta gene in Iraqi breast cancer female patients. Ali H. Ad'hiah, Rawaa A. Abdul‐Jabbar, Abdalamer N.G. Alrekabi and Rana Z. Naji: 30‐34.

6 - Clinical features and treatment strategies of heart failure. Basema S. Ahmed: 35‐38.

7 - Produce bacterial cellulose of kombucha (Khubdat Humza) from honey. Esam J. Al‐Kalifawi: 39‐45.

8 - Lizards biodiversity of arid regions in Iraq. Zohair I.F. Rahemo and Sarbaz I. Mohamad: 46‐53.

9 - Evaluation of supplemental irrigation and fertilization as integrated management of wheat under rainfed conditions in Egypt. Abd‐Eladl M.: 54‐64.

10 - Effect of propachlor toxicity on liver mice enzymes activity. Nibal K. Mousa, Eman H. Qatia, Eman A. Muhsin, Shahad S. Sabbar and Ishrak A. Ahmed: 65‐68.

11 - Seasonal variation in egg phenotype and chemical composition of collard dove (Streptopelia decaocto) in Baghdad. Faris A. Al‐Obaidi and Shahrazad M.J. Al‐Shadeedi: 69‐73.

12 - Subsurface sedimentological study of Mauddud formation Southern Iraq. Sadi K. Jan and Aqeel A. Al‐Zubaidi: 74‐77.

13 - Structure Information for protein CD19 alignment of leukemia patient in Iraq. Najwa Sh. Ahmed, Saad M. Nada and Zainib H.A. Al-Rikabi: 78-82.

14 - Evaluation of enriched farmyard manure and inorganic fertilizers profitability in hybrid maize (BH‐140) production at west Hararghe zone, eastern Ethiopia. Zelalem Bekeko: 83-90.

15 - Detection of polymorphism in BMPR‐1B gene associated with litter size in Awassi sheep ewes using PCR‐RFLP method. Saad M. Nada, B.K. Abbas, M.A. Ishak and B.K. Sulaiman: 90‐94.

16 - Detection of Aspergillus fumigatus by RT‐PCR among patients with chronic respiratory diseases. Ehan A.H. Al‐Sharifi, Azhar A.F. Al‐Attragchi, Samit I. Qasim and Mohammad A. Al‐Fahham: 95‐102.

17 -Effect of obesity on some reproductive hormones in Iraqi men. Sabah A. Al-Hameid, Areeg A. Zabbon and Noor Alhuda Ali A.H. Saeed: 103‐106.

18 - A study of moulds contamination of table eggs in Baghdad city. Moutaz A.W.A. Mounam, Aseel I. Al‐Ameed and Nagham M. Al‐Gburi: 107‐111.

19 - Association of hyperlaxity (Hypermobility) syndrome with both protruded upper teeth and nocturnal enuresis. Amjad Awwad: 112‐115.

20 - Effect of adding chromium yeast in diet on broiler Ross 308 performance. Ilham N. Ezaddin: 116-119.

21 - Low-power laser irradiation effects on cell proliferation and viability of cultured Jurkat E6.1 T-lymphocyte leukemia cell line. Layla M.H. Al-Ameri, Amel M. Maki, Ali H. Ad'hiah, Qiuyu Wang and Mayada H. ALQaisi: 120-125.

22 - Evaluation of cleaning efficiency of different root canal instrumentation techniques by using diagnodent device (An In vitro study). Mohammed R., Saad Zabar A. and Ahmide Hamide A.: 126-132.














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