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Issue 2, Volume 2, 2014


1 - Soil properties, flax varieties production and their heavy metals content under irrigation with low quality water. Atwa A.A.E., Abou-Baker N.H. and Nassr M.M.I.: 133-139.

2 - Seasonal variation in egg phenotype and chemical composition of house sparrow (Passer domesticus) in Baghdad. Faris A. Al-Obaidi and Shahrazad M.J. Al-Shadeedi: 140-144.

3 - The effect of maize stover application as soil mulch on yield of Arabica coffee (Coffee arabica L.) and some soil properties at Chiro, Western Hararghe zone, Ethiopia. Zelalem Bekeko: 145-151.

4 - Significance of anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae IgA and IgG antibodies in inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease) of Iraqi patients. Maha F. Nazzal, Hazima M. K. Al-Abassi1 and Ali H. Ad'hiah: 152-158.

5 - Bacterial isolated from burn wound patients, study resistance to antimicrobials and effect of Kombucha (Khubdat Humza) tea on isolates bacteria. Esam J. Al-Kalifawi: 159-168.

6 - Shear bond strength of three composite resins to metal and porcelain substrates. Lamis A.N. Al-Taee, Abdulla M.W. Al-Shamma2 and Adel F. Ibraheem: 169-177.

7 - In vitro antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of aqueous and acetone extracts of Syzygium grande (Wight) Walp. Leaves. Sundis M.S. Ajam: 178-185.

8 - Histopathological study in mice immunized against hydatidosis by hydatid cyst antigens. Wahida R. Ali and Zainab I. Ibrahim: 186-197.

9 - Genotoxicity of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus circulaus on human Lymphocytes. Ali H. Alwan, Mohammad A. Al-A'adhmi and Ali A. Abdul Abbass: 198-200.

10 - Assessment of lead contamination in Aleppo soaps available in Iraqi markets. Sedik A.K. Al-Hiyaly, Jazaer A. Al-Tamimi and Saba R.K. Al-Tai: 201-205.

11 - Study the relation between Chlamydia trachomatis infection and poor semen quality that cause infertility in Iraqi male. Farah Th. Abdullah: 206-209.

12 - Survival of local Listeria monocytogenes after treatment with sodium benzoate in trypticase soy broth. Abdulwahid B. Al-Shaibani and Layla A. Said: 210-215.

13 - Using atomic absorption in detection of Rheumatoid arthritis. Alia′a S.A. Al-Faraji: 216-218.

14 - Effects of Coriandrum sativum, Thymus vulgaris, Borago officinalis and Pimpinella anisum on biofilm Escherichia coli. Nadheema H. Hussein, Khetam H. Rasool and Jumaah D. Hussein: 219-230.

15 - Effect of germination on chemical composition of two wheat cultivars. Thuraeya A.A. Abbas: 231-235.

16 - Diagnosis of Tuberculous meningitis by conventional methods and Real-time PCR in Iraqi patients. Azhar A.F. Al-Attraqchi, Akram M. Al-Mahdawi, Ihssan S. Nema and Jabber Salman Hassan: 236-240.

17 - Water depths classification from remotely sensed imagery using experience-conditions technique. Taghreed A.H. Naji: 241-250.

18- Enzymes supplementation of non-conventional feedstuffs (A panacea to sustainable fish and livestock production in Nigeria). Agbabiaka L.A., Nwaka S.U., Ekeocha C.A. and Ojukannaiye S.A.: 251-256.

19 - Effect of immersion time on latency period and hatchability of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822). Ekeocha C.A., Agbabiaka L.A. and Ojukannaiye A.S.: 257-260.

20 - Dendrogram analysis of multidrug resistant and their relation to some virulence encoding gene of clinical Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Duaa Kadhimand Mun'im R. Ali: 261-269.










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