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Issue 3, Volume 3, 2015

1 - Preparation of copper oxalate and copper oxide nanoparticles and their antibacterial effect against P. aeruginosa and methicillin resistant S. aureus from burn and wound infections. Suzan S. Hussain, Saadi M.D. Al-Nuzal and Sarmad F. Al-Qazzaz: 173-187.

2 - A new original method for table eggs pasteurization using low levels of red laser irradiation. Faris A. Al-Obaidi, Shahrazad M. Al-Shadeedi, Mayada M. Majeed and Anwar A. Al-Dergazly: 188-193.

3 - Investigation of Kufa drainages and its impact on the chemical pollution in  water of the Euphrates river. Luay Q. Hashim, Wafa G. Al-Kaisi and Azzam H. Al-Hadithi: 194-201.

4 - Measurement of antisperm antibodies (ASA) type IgG in Iraqi infertile male. Shaimaa Yousif, Farah Thamer, Najwa Shihab, Mohammed O. Abdul Latif and Braa Abdulhadi: 202-204.

5 - The effect of porcelain veneering on marginal fitness of zirconia copings compared to full contour zirconia crown using three different CAD/CAM systems (An In vitro study). Hamsa Z. Al-Assadi and Abdul Kareem J. Al-Azzawi: 205-211.

6 - Shear bond strength between lithium disilicate ceramic and different luting cements. Abdullah M. Hussain and Abdul-Kareem J. Al-Azzawi: 212-217.

7 - Evaluation of marginal adaptation of a class V composite resin restorations with different surface treatments after thermal and mechanical load cycling (An In vitro study). Mohammed R. Rasheed and Dima B. Ismael: 218-227.

8 - Effect crude alkaloids extraction of Iastis tinctoria induces apoptosis through microtubules destruction in mice H22 (Hepatic cell line). Ibrahim H. Mohammed: 228-236.

9 - Effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi as a biocontrol agent and organic matter against fusarium wilt in tomato. Thamer A.A. Muhsen, Mahdi S.Y. Al-Attabi, Batoal Z. Ali: 237-245.













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