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Issue 1, Volume 4, 2016

1 - Examination the efficiency of NDNI index by comparing with STVI-4 index to recognize the vegetation cover. Taghreed A.H. Naji: 1-4.

2 - Evaluation of the marginal and internal fitness of full contour CAD/CAM crowns made from zirconia, lithium disilicate, zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate and hybrid dental ceramic by silicone replica technique (A comparative In vitro study). Manhal A. Majeed and Samar K. Al-Adel: 10-20.

3 - Isolation and identification of fungi infected seeds of some medicinal plant. Goner A. Shaker: 21-25.

4 - Is bactiguard infection protection catheter efficient in lowering urinary tract infections in patient with prolonged catheterization ? Mohammed B. Ismail, Hind H. Shakir, Ali M. Mizher, Adil H. Al-Soufi and Usama Al-Nassiri: 26-31.

5 - Estimation of heterosis combining ability and some genetic parameters in sweet pepper. Hussain A. Adday: 32-38.

6 - Detection of polymorphism Kras gene in colorectal cancer (CRC) of Iraq patient. Enas M. Abbass, Alaa G. Hussein and Estabraq A.R. Al-Wasiti: 39-45.

7 - Prevalence of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in camels fecal samples. Nagham M. Al-Gburi: 46-50.

8 - Hormonal and histopathological changes in male reproductive system of albino mice after tamoxifen  administration. Taha S. Morad, Shatha M. Hasan, Fahem M. Mahmood and Najat Mutar: 51-56.

9 - Petiole anatomical study for some species of Astragalus L. Sect. Proselius (Fabaceae family) in Iraq. Khansaa R. Al-Joboury: 57-59.

10 - Oxidative stress with relation to osteoporosis in married and unmarried menopause women in Kurdistan, Iraq. Hazha S. Ameen and Basima S.  Ahmed: 60-65.

11 - Chemical study for some species of Astragalus L. (Fabaceae family) in Iraq. Khalil A. Al-Shammary and Khansaa R. Al-Joboury: 66-71.














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