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Issue 2, Volume 4, 2016

1 - Seasonal variation in blood enzymes of sandgrouse. Faris A. Al-Obaidi: 72-74.

2 - The mechanical properties of NiTi and biocompatibility implants in bone of albino rats. Siham S. Abdullah, Jenan H. Taha and Shatha M. Hasan: 75-79.

3 - Genotypes by years data analysis of Iraqi date palm using GGE biplot. Sameer A.A. Saleh: 80-84.

4 - Silver nitrate and zirconium oxide nanoparticles as management of wheat damping-off caused by Fusarium graminearum. Raghad DH. Abdul Jalill and Rasha S. Numan: 85-93.

5 - The correlation between coagulase production and DNase, phosphatas, type of hemolysis produced by mastitis Staphylococcus aureus isolates and its susceptibility to some antibiotics. Hassan A. Al-Ratha and Rabab J. Sekhi: 94-99.

6 - Biochemical and histological study of effect of black Punica granatum extracts on Giardia lamblia in mice. Shatha Khudair, Saad A. Al-Jashaami and Mustafa A.H. Ahmed: 100-108.

7 - Isolation and identification of toxigenic strains of E. coli from local cheese and evaluate their resistance to antibiotics. Mohammed M. Jaafar, Hussein O. Kready, Salwa Kh. Khalid and Anaam Mahmood: 109-113.

8 - Efficacy of tourniquet application in reducing intraoperative blood loss in cesarean hysterectomy for placenta accreta. Qabas Al-Jassim: 114-119.

9 - Non-genetic factors effect on the early body weights of local goats population in Tunisia. Amor Gaddour, Sghaier Najari and Mouldi Abdennebi: 120-122.

10 - Genetics of plant-pathogen interactions and resistance. Zelalem Bekeko and Tewodros Mulualem: 123-134.

11 - Polymorphism of 16srRNA gene of Helicobacter pylori. Haider K. Al-Rubai: 135-140.

12 -  Vitiligo: The role of oxidative stress test as a marker in Sulaimani. Lena N. Amin, Akam A. Ali, Sozan A. Ali, Derin S. Majeed, Basima S. Ahmad: 141-148.

13 - Characteristics of patients with subchorionic hematomas in the second trimester. Helema Y. Al-Massawi, Qabas Kh. Mahdi and Aida H. M. Al-Bayatii: 149-157.

14 - Isolation of bacteria from birds in Baghdad. Maysoon S. Abbas: 158-161.

15 - Prognostic value of repeated measurements of CA125 and β-HCG as a predictor of the outcome of threatened miscarriage. Helema Y. Al-Massawi and Israa M. Shwaish: 162-170.

16 - The effect of microalgae extraction on bacterial species isolated from seminal fluid of sexually- active males in Baghdad. Amna Al-Hashimi, Shahrazad N. Abdu-Allah, Ghaidaa Al-Rrubaai and Roaa F. Mansur: 171- 177.

17 - Evaluation the effect of various surface treatment on the shear bond strength between zirconium and different composite materials. Worod H. Majeed: 178-192.









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