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Issue 3, Volume 4, 2016

Table of content:

1 - Utilize powder of earthworm to inhibition three species of bacteria. Nebrass F. Chachain and Evan H. Sulaiman: 193-196.

2 - Enhanced antibacterial and anti-biofilm activities of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles against pathogenic bacteria. Neihaya H. Zaki and Zaman Husain: 197-203.

3 - Biochemical marker for prediction of pregnancy outcome in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss. Suha H. Hayawii, Asma J. Al-Taai and Wafaa S. Abd Al-Amieer: 204-209.

4 - The effect of shading and spraying different levels of coconut water on phenotypic traits of Coleus blumei potted plants. Haytham M.M.S. Alabdaly and  Farok J.M. Alkhalidy: 210-214.

5 - Foley's catheter test in stress incontinent patient before and after anterior pelvic floor. Takwa N. Mohammad, Suha H. Hayawi and Eaman H. Raoof: 215-221.

6 - Malfunctioning T-regulatory cells and Th1/Th2 associated cytokines' disturbances in Iraqi patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura. Yusur Falah Faraj, Majed M. Mahmood and Zeyad A. Shabeeb: 222-229.

7 - Purification and characterization of cellulase from Trichoderma reesei. Shimal Y. Abdul-Hadi, Fawz A. Al-Saffar and Aswan H. Al-Bayyar: 230-236.

8 - First record of insect in chicken egg. Faris A. Al-Obaidi, Shahrazad M.J. Al-Shadeedi and Sajjad A. Sadek: 237-240.

9 - Evaluation of some plant extracts for their nematicidal properties against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne sp. Hussein A. Salim, Iman S. Salman, Ishtar I. Majeed, Hatam H. Hussein: 241-244.










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