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Issue 1, Volume 5, 2017


Table of content:

1 - Treatment of fertilizer industry effluent by using vetiver technology. Rabeeah Rasheed and Meena John M.: 1-5.

2 - Plants extracts as green synthesis of zirconium oxide nanoparticles. Raghad DH. Abdul Jalill, Maryam M.H.M. Jawad and Ahmed N. Abd: 6-23.

3 - Effectiveness of Talstar and Decis insecticides against dubas bug, ommatissus binotatus f.sp.  lybicus (Homoptera: Tropiduchidae) at Diyala governorate, Iraq. Hussein A. Salim, Qais K. Zewain, Kareem A. Hassan, Mahmood M. Salman: 24-27.

4 - Correlation between biofilm, protease production and antibiotic resistance in clinical bacterial isolates. Neihaya H. Zaki, Rasha M. Sachit, Istabraq M.A. Salman, Likaa H. Al-Moosawi, and SuraM. Sachit: 28-32.

5 - Sequencing of exon 14 region and exon 15 of SPINK5 gene for identification of SNPs in Iraqi asthmatic patients. Forqan J. Taher and Asmaa M. Saud: 33-40.

6 - Comparative study of the cellular fatty acids of different Staphylococcus species isolated from human blood in Iraq. Farah Dhiaa Ahmed and Layla Abdul-hamid Said: 41-54.

7 - Effect of summer and winter seasons on outdoor rearing of blood enzymes of some native chicken strains. Faris A. Al-Obaidi: 55-57.















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